Bruce Weisbein, D.C.

Bruce Weisbein, D.C.

As the Founder and President of My Chiro, let me welcome you and thank you for taking the time to visit our website! For simplicity, I usually just say I’m from New Jersey… but there’s more to it that:

I was born in San Francisco and we lived in Sunnyvale, California

Shortly afterword, we moved to Broomall, Pennsylvania (west part of Philadelphia)

Then we moved to Canoga Park, California (north suburb of Los Angeles)

Finally, in 1975, we moved to Cinnaminson, New Jersey (east suburb of Philadelphia)

So, what am I doing in Iowa? During Winter, BTW, I ask myself that daily! I came to Iowa to go to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, graduated in 1996… and then I married Kathy Frett from Preston, Iowa. With a wife, children, a dog, several My Chiro locations, and the Spinal Taproom, this is home for me now. We moved to Cedar Rapids in 1997 to open “Weisbein Chiropractic.”

Kathy and I created My Chiro in 2006 to start a model of practice that was easy and appealing for both patients and us. While we were fairly sure that My Chiro would appeal to a large portion of the community who found chiropractic helpful, but expensive, excessive, and inconvenient, we knew that our model would challenge the growing trend within my profession: costly and extensive care with a “my-way-or-the-highway” doctor-centric practice model. While not all of my colleagues practice that way, weekly I hear too many complaints from new patients about how they were treated by another chiropractor previously.

Our decision to develop the My Chiro model of practice was not about competing with colleagues, though I’m well aware that some believe that was my intention, but instead it was about attempting to provide chiropractic in the way that consumers wanted it: affordable, convenient, and without being told to come back again and again. While I’m not arguing that all chiropractors should practice like we do or that all patients want what we offer, and I realize that some patients need more than what we offer on a walk-in basis (we always refer to other chiropractors and physicians when patients need services we don’t offer), I believe we’ve succeeded in providing chiropractic the way a very large portion the public wants it.

Bruce Weisbein, D.C.