Travis Robertson, D.C.

I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids and currently live in rural Marion.  For as long as I can remember I wanted to have a positive impact on the health and lives of those around me. I know that sounds corny, but it is nonetheless true.

As I grew, for some reason I began to think that maybe Chiropractic would be a good field to study and profession to work in. So I went off to college, got my prerequisites done, and started Chiropractic college at Palmer College. I graduated in 2004 and during my education I found I resonated with the Chiropractic perspective on health so much that I knew that I had found my calling. Better put, you could say that Chiropractic chose me. In any case, I can think of no higher calling then to dedicate your life to the service of others.

I want my patients to have the best of what life has to offer and I know that Chiropractic can play a big role in that, from the smallest baby, the frailest grandparent or anyone in-between.

I published my first book  “Sickness 2 Health: From the Inside Out” in July 2011. The book is basically about regaining and maintaining your health by turning common health knowledge upside down and inside out. Hopefully that makes you curious.

My journey to My Chiro after graduation was a long one with time spent both as an associate at another clinic and an office of my own. Each had their challenges and each taught me important lessons. I am glad to say that I am happy to focus all of my energy on patient care at My Chiro. Our patient centered office model is great for patients who need a quick and affordable adjustment and due to its simple concept and thus easier marketability the doctors can focus on what they went to school for… taking care of patients!

Travis Robertson, D.C.