Bruce Weisbein, D.C.

The My Chiro Story

In 2006, My Chiro was born from the desire to offer a chiropractic experience the way we would want it for ourselves -- convenient, affordable, and on our own terms. In 2005, as deductibles were rising and co-pays were beginning to approach the typical fee for an adjustment, we speculated that a clinical practice could actually lower its overhead by lowering its fee and virtually eliminating insurance paperwork. We were right, and we passed the savings on to the consumer. Kathy Weisbein, Finance Manager at My Chiro remarks,

"It only takes a couple of minutes for an experienced chiropractor to give a good adjustment. Without billing and paperwork hassles, $30 is a perfectly fair exchange for the service."

The "walk-in" concept at My Chiro is just good customer service. By staying focused on doing one thing well (adjustments), we can easily accommodate walk-in patients. Community approval of "Convenient, Affordable Chiropractic (TM)" has been outstanding, and My Chiro has opened clinics in Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Hiawatha, Marion, Des Moines, and Mount Pleasant to meet the huge demand for affordable, walk-in adjustments.