Camille Loughner, L.M.T.

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, 2005

Massage Techniques: Swedish, Polarity, Therapeutic

I love to listen to the body, and believe it has an incredible ability to heal itself.  Every body heals differently and at different rates.  As a therapist it is my responsibility to respect the healing process and meet the body where it is at that moment.  As a result, almost every treatment I give is different.  Some of my clients would tell you I have a very light/gentle touch, and others would laugh and say there is nothing gentle about what I do.  I use a combination of modalities, from manual manipulations like Swedish and Acupressure, to more energetic fields such as Polarity therapy and Cranial sacral.  Although many people have similar issues, the way I address them can be vastly different. Some call for a general release of soft tissues, some for dedicated work to every muscle attachment, belly, and “knot” in a particular area.  Some just want to feel taken care of, and forget life exists for an hour, and some need something in between.  So when asking what kind of massage you’ll get, my answer is, “Whatever you need that day.”

Camille Laughner, L.M.T.