For adjustments, you don’t need one. It’s “walk-in” at all locations. Massage is by appointment. To schedule a massage, click on HERE for our Schedulicity page

If I’ve been to a My Chiro, do I have to fill-out any NEW FORMS at another one?

No, all My Chiro offices operate off the same database… so there’s nothing new to fill-out.

What are your HOURS?

All hours are listed on our Find Us page.

Do you have any MASSAGE OPENINGS?

With 7 massage rooms and 10 massage therapists, we can usually accommodate you very quickly. You can even get a massage on Saturdays!

Is there a long WAIT?

Not typically. Because we have a focused-practice, we can usually see you within one to five minutes of your arrival.

Can I get in on SATURDAY?

Yes, we're OPEN Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Des Moines, and Mount Pleasant.

Do you take X-RAYS?

No. If they’re clinically necessary, we can refer you to your physician or a medical imaging facility for state of art imaging with interpretation by medical radiologists.

Do you take INSURANCE?

No. Did we mention adjustments are only $30? We do, however, file Medicare claims as required by Federal law, and we do provide signed, complete receipts for your accidental injury claim to Aflac, Combined, and TransAmerica.

Do you take CREDIT CARDS?

Yes. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. "Flex" account cards can also be used at our office.