The Day My Chiro Got Wet

February 27, 2019 mychiro No comments exist

One day in November, My Chiro got wet… very, very wet!  Since many of our patients have asked “What happened?” we’re posting this brief video to show you what we saw on a chilly Monday morning.  As usual, we closed at 1:00 on Saturday, nice & dry.  According to the water department, around midnight Saturday, water “usage” surged, and 15,000 gallons later, we walked into the office on Monday morning to see this (turn-up your volume, and FYI, this was after turning off the main water valve):

What happened?  The plastic drain valve on the old water heater cracked and popped-off allowing full-pressure water to spew-out for a day-and-a-half.  Apparently, water seeped over building’s concrete foundation and soaked the ground around the building UNDER the parking lot.  So, for a few days, there were streaks of ice that looked like parking lot was “bleeding” through cracks.  

We immediately set-up in the dry vacant space next-door:


The following Monday, we were back in our DRY usual space:

The week we dried-out, we know there were many others experiencing actual disasters, and our hearts go out to them.  We were fortunate that our soaking was all clean water, and we are so grateful for our tolerant patients and staff throughout our week of displacement.  Thanks again to all of our helpers!

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