Pec & Neck Stretch

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Tightness of the chest and side, lower neck muscles can compress the nerves and blood vessels that go down the arm… representing just a couple causes of a condition called “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.”

The video here is intended to help instruct our patients who need to stretch these muscles.

Hold each stretch at least 20 seconds!  Try this two to three times per day (nothing wrong with doing more if you want to).  When arm/hand symptoms are due to compression from these muscles, many people report improvement within the first week.

It’s FREE, it’s SAFE, and NO EQUIPMENT is needed!

For more information on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, click on the Mayo Clinic link below.  The section on “Prevention” ends with, “Stretch daily, and perform exercises that keep your shoulder muscles strong.”  Well… that’s good advice for about half the conditions we see in our practice!

“Thoracic Outlet Syndrome” on 

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