Elizabeth Baccam, L.M.T.

Elizabeth Baccam, L.M.T.

Capri College, 2012

Hello All!  In a society of low touch, it is up to LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists), like myself, to provide an alternative way of healing by stimulating our immune system and natural body's healing process.  Betcha most do not realize this is happening during a massage?

It is truly fascinating what benefits massage therapy can bring and I want to be able to share that with all clients! Whether it's deep tissue or Swedish Relaxation, every massage I give caters to the client's clinical need. Manipulating tissue and muscle for pain relief, while giving the body and mind a chance to relax, is an ideal appointment and I can administer heavy to medium pressure... but of course, always to the client's tolerance and needs.

Upon from graduating from Capri College in 2012, I was blessed to be in connection to My Chiro and My Massage Therapist and thus began my journey here!  I am currently a student in Kirkwood's Physical Therapy Assistance program and it is through both therapies that I wish to enhance my knowledge of the human body, kinesiology, and alternative medicine practices for my community.

Are you ready for a rejuvenating, therapeutic experience?  I am here for you at our 16th Ave SW location in Cedar Rapids.  An appointment is a click or call away!  Namaste.

Elizabeth "Liz" Baccam, L.M.T.